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Introducing Casa Del Sarto to Canada

Elegant Classic Casa Del Sarto (House of the Cutters) is a tailor house created from the desire to create a modern yet timeless garments by their master tailor Kim Min Soo from Seoul, Korea. Their ready to wear (RTO) has been created with an elegant body silhouette with voluminous shoulders. Their garments are created with beautifully perfected hand work in all aspects of their garment. They feature full canvas front which creates beautiful lapel roll and well tailored body even with soft construction.     Modern Tradition With the many tailored goods introducing extremely slim leg with a low rise trousers and short and slim jackets, Casa Del Sarto strived to move away from the trends to be a trailblazer. Having...

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A Closer Look at Patrick Assaraf

The best things in life are simple, less is more. This is the ethos of Patrick Assaraf founder and namesake of his own brand. His pursuit of simplicity and elegance is what drove Patrick to form PYA. He wanted to make something that men could return to time and time again in their wardrobe, luxurious basics that transcend the tides of fashion. In their founders career of +30 years he has continuously strived for the perfect silhouette, comfortable materials and timeless design.  The Influence Heavily influenced by Italian sportswear and European tailoring, PYA takes a simple relaxed approach to their clothing. When moving to Canada to marry his now wife Patrick learned that the North American man was not as...

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The big day is here

The big day is here, and we are temporary closing our doors for our team to pack up and go. As you know we will be just across the street in the @81 building or 8025 102 Street NW. We are planning to be launched on Friday, October 16th.   We are working around clock to create a comfortable and fresh space for    In the meantime, our online store remains open and we are working hard to update you with the latest products   Take care, and we'll see you soon! 

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