Yellow Cool Kicks No Show Socks


Yellow Cool Kicks No Show Socks

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\\ Description \\

Falke socks are back and ready to keep your feet comfy in your favorite pair of shoes! The Cool Kick line from Falke features a high caliber breathable fabric blend that allows aeration of the foot and it perfect for your next summer outdoor adventure. This Bright yellow is pure happiness and all go! You'll always be able to find the match when you're doing laundry!

\\ Details \\

This sock is built with a cushioned sole and it utilizes High Moisture wicking technology anti slip heel to ensure even through city runs or hikes your socks don't slip off. This sock also features a lightly padded sole to give you that little extra bit of support and comfort that goes a long way! Of course even the ankle sock variant of Falke comes with their expertly designed and anatomic fit! to ensure your socks hug your feet just the right amount!

\\ Sizing \\

Falke socks Fit true to brand sizing! We believe it is imperative you take your regular size.