Charcoal Wool Dress Pants
Charcoal Wool Dress Pants


Charcoal Wool Dress Pants

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Gala trousers are a Canadian Made dress pant which feature Bithermic Fabric. Bithermic fabrics are said to be "the fabric of the future" as they keep you cool while it is HOT and hot while it is COLD! 

The fabric is made by a special technology that was first used by NASA in order to keep the astronauts temperature balanced between the warmth inside the spacecraft and the cold outside. 

This new technology, a true revolution in textiles, consists of thousands of micro-capsules applied to the fabric in order to regulate temperature. Thus offering a cool fabric for a hot environment and also a warm fabric for a cold environment.
We are able to obtain these advantages without changing the look and other properties of the fabric, maintaining this efficacy even after washing or dry cleaning.