Petrol & Red Paisley - Mr. Derk Apparel Ltd.
Petrol & Red Paisley - Mr. Derk Apparel Ltd.
Petrol & Red Paisley - Mr. Derk Apparel Ltd.


Petrol & Red Paisley

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Style, quality and comfort in every detail. This philosophy has made Stenströms one of Sweden's most well-known and respected brands. The classic Stenströms shirt carries more than 100 years of tradition, craftsmanship, and quality.
Attention to the details is what determines the quality of a garment. Each Stenströms shirt consists of 23 components that are cut and assembled with exacting precision. The process involves 60 distinct operations that are checked at five critical inspection stations. Thanks to skilled designers, cutters, and tailors, they have refined this technique and perfected our shirts over the course of a century.
Naturally, an important prerequisite for a quality shirt is the fabric. At Stenströms, they use only fabrics from the foremost European manufacturers, most of them woven from the finest Egyptian cotton. 
//* DETAILS *//
  • Cutaway, collar 11
  • Single cuffs
  • Slimline, slim fit
  • The pattern is in red & petrol
  • Mother of pearl buttons

//* SIZING *//
This model is available in both Slimline and Fitted Body, please reference sizing for each below: