A Custom Experience

For those seeking a more detailed experience, Mr. Derk offers made-to-measure services in our tailored clothing. This includes suits, jackets, trousers, overcoats and dress shirts, as well as tuxedos and formalwear. Make an appointment with one of our specialists here.

Our Process

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We work together to select the fabric and features of your perfect outfit — you can either breeze through, or really peruse the options.

If you’re not a perfect stock size, you can take your own measurements, or schedule a gratis in-person or virtual fitting with us to get your best fit. We recommend you leave it to the experts (that's us!) for the best result. 


We use those measurements to create an ideal pattern just for you – in fact, we’ll keep it on file for simple reordering.

cut & sew

 Using the pattern we have developed for you, our manufacturers meticulously assemble your garment and incorporate the details we have selected with you such as lining, buttons, trimming, and construction notes.


Your finished garment is checked (and checked and checked) against the pattern and your measurements, first on the line, then at inspection, and then again in-house at Mr. Derk.


We fit the garment on you, cut, and trim the final details to ensure it is exactly what you want out of the piece. From there (we hope) you’ll love it and hang it in your closet... or, better yet, put it on right away.

Make an appointment with one of our specialists here.


Frequently Asked Questions

What should I have prepared for my appointment?

Before you can begin selecting your components, it is important to establish the purpose or vision for this garment. What is it you hope to find? When will this garment be worn? Do you have a budget and timeline to work within? This information allows the associate to best align your expectations and needs with the garment.

How do I know which brand to choose?

Our specialists will assist you in selecting the best-fitting garment to your body type, budget, and timeline within our available brand selection.

What adjustments can I make in terms of fit of my garment?

The adjustments you can make to the garment silhouette depends on the brand and program you select. Some programs only offer new fabrics in their pre-existing silhouettes, while others range with more flexibility in adjusting the silhouettes. These specs include shoulder construction, sleeve length, drop, jacket length, and pant rise.

What options can I customize in terms of styling details on my garment?

Some brands offer only a limited number of changes to be made to the garment. Details such as lining, buttons, thread, monogrammed labels, pockets, and many more to make the garment unique and special.

Do I pay for the entire garment up front?

In order to place your order, we require a 50% deposit of the garment price and will then follow-up with you once it has been confirmed with a delivery date. The balance is due when your piece arrives and has been through its final fitting.

How long does it take to get my garment?

The average turnaround for a made-to-measure garment is about 8-10 weeks. If you have a more sensitive timeline, we offer a program from Jack Victor that can be turned around within 12 days. When your piece arrives, you can come into our shop for your final fitting and have the finished product within a couple of days.


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